Friday, June 4, 2010

11 MAY 10 letter

Hello there! It was so nice to talk with each of you on the phone. You all sound like you are doing very well, it is a great source of strength to actually hear from you. I spend all my time trying to help other families come closer together, but it is always so pleasant to remember that I have a family of my own and we are growing together, even now, through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This past week was full of excitement. We had some opportunities for service, that is especially exciting because we rarely get a chance to serve. Our investigators Sudhaker, Sharon, and Asyu were shifting their house. So we had to resist their attempts to prevent us from helping them and we were able to make the work go smoothly. As we set up their bed and couches and other household items I remembered Dad's words "many hands make light work." We told them that this type of service is what we promise God we will do when we are baptized, and even more when we receive the priesthood. The even really brought us closer together and I think now that they have seen the gospel in action they are beginning to take it more seriously.

Yesterday was an excellent day. We met a brother in the morning that was so prepared. I am really starting to understand what it means to "find them that will receive you." As we came to his door he immediately got up and welcomed us in. I believe that recognized us as servants of the Lord. I mean there have been many people who welcome us in immediately becuase we are American...Ha and that is not what we're looking for. This brother wanted the truth, and as he listened sincerely to the message I am sure that he realized he'd found it. Again, I am learning that there is great power in prayer. I am meeting with people who have never even heard the concept of a Heavenly Father. When they begin to understand that, and speak with him for the FIRST time ever it is literally a miracle. I feel so priveldged to witness it. It might be hot and I might be getting weary, but I do not think that I could ever become tired of bringing God's children to a knowledge of truth. The heat may be intense, but it is not enough to weaken my desire to carry these glad tidings forward.

Things are going well over here on my side. I am looking forward to welcoming Luke to the mission. He is going to do a great job. I love you all, have a good week!

Elder Tuscano

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