Friday, June 4, 2010

25 MAY 10 letter

I am very happy to hear the wonderful news! What a miracle that you are going to be able to make it out here! Surely something for each one of you to look forward to. India is a wonderful place. I am sure Luke is wondering about that right now...Ha I remember for my entire stay at the MTC I was just so eager to get over here. I was brim with anticipation, but I really had no idea what to anticipate. What I found was incredible country with truly incredible people. I love this place.

We are seeing miracles often here. This past week at church we had alot of new people come to church, it was pretty cool. Elder Cranney and I have been going real hard and things are really changing around. There is a renewed sense of excitement in the zone and the mission. I am excited because I think June is going to be a record month here, both for the zone and the mission.

On sunday there was a new brother that came to church with our recent convert Padma, who is just about the most active missionary I have ever seen. She can hardly speak english, but she just loves bringing new people to the church. So on sunday she brought one of her relatives named Vijay Paul. He seemed to enjoy church so we set up an appointment with him that evening at Padma's house. We went to go teach him and it was incredible. I have met alot of prepared people on my mission, but I think he might be the most so. He is a convert from Hindusm about 5 years back, he was baptized into the Lutheran church in Rajahmundry. But for some reason about 3 months ago he stopped going to that church. He had alot of questions about God and he could not find the answers. When he came to church on sunday he said that he had 3 main questions he wanted answers to, he told us that he felt God spoke to him and that all of his questions were answered. We procedeed to set him for baptism and he is so solid. He just says that he really feels different when he is around us and really likes it. There are alot of ways to do missionary work and help people progress, but it is always refreshing to meet people who are golden.

There are so many wonderful things happening here. I am sad to leave yet excited for my new assignment. I hope all of you are doing well. A big congrats to Mary for making it through SCHS, I know it was rough ha. But I am glad she survived. I am sorry, all my personal e-mails will be very short this week as time is less. I did not manage it properly becuase of few of the elders wanted to look at all the pictures that were sent this week. SORRY! Love you all!

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