Saturday, June 19, 2010

18 JUN 10 letter

Dear Family,

It is friday night and we are in Visak right now. We just finished zone conference and are about to head down to Rajahmundry on the train. I'm sorry my time is short, but I will do my best to deliver an accurate report of the work here and answer your questions.

This past week was so busy. We flew out to Hyderabad last friday and were there for a few days doing exchanges. I really love being able to get around the mission and see all of these elders. It is cool because my entire mission I have heard all these great things about different elders, but because our mission is so big, I never got to be around them. Now I am able to get to know these elders and I am so impressed with the quality of elders that are here. When we were in H-Town I went on exchange with Elder Walther, he is a really cool kid from Utah. We had an incredible day. Probably knocked 5 doors total and we found 3 families. So that was pretty incredible.

The past two days we've been in Visak and it is so cool to be back here. I got to go in my old area yesterday with my replacement, Elder Mackay. He is from Solana Beach, CA and also went to BYU in 07. It was sweet, we met a lot of the people that I was teaching and Pushpa is getting baptized tomorrow! So I was so pumped that I could see her. We had miracles in finding yesterday too. We met a sweet Hindu family, at first only one of the sons would sit down. I gently but persistently invited his other brother and sister to join us. Finally they came in and we taught them how to pray. We invited the brother to pray because he actually spoke english. He said a great prayer, but as he finished and I opened my eyes, they caught his sisters. She had this look on her face, I wish I could explain it to you. It was a concerned look, I knew that she wanted to pray. So I stayed on my knees and invited her to pray. It took some convincing, sometimes Indian women can be very shy, but she did it and it was so sincere. I could just feel a spirit of compassion as she spoke to Heavenly Father. I was so grateful that the spirit was with us and we could discern the fact that she needed to pray. It was really cool.

That's about all for this week. I love you and hope you are all doing well.

Elder Tuscano

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