Thursday, November 27, 2008

Letter re: Mumbai attacks

Hey guys,
i don’t know if you have been watching the news or if it’s on the news out there but apparently there was a big bombing in mumbai and they were targeting americans. i think that is why it is kind of a big deal for us. you will probably know more than me because you can read about it. but also, we heard that they are threatening to bomb bangalore and delhi next. i'm sure the government here is trying their best to handle the situation. so nothing really to worry about...but also we heard from a source that there was a bomb blast in secunderabad which is where we live. so that was kinda scary but we're not sure if that source was legit. the purpose of this e-mail is not to scare you! just to let you know that we are safe and nothing to worry about. i feel safe, even if there is all this crazy stuff going on. i feel bad for those people in mumbai. but ya, since we are american we have to be somewhat cautious. so we are not allowed to go out finding or anything. we can go to appointments if we have them but we have to take autos (golf cart things) - we can’t ride the bus. things will work out. i’m not scared so you shouldn’t be either. also happy thanksgiving! today we were so lucky because we got to go to the marriott hotel for dinner. it was bomb! i bet you were thinking, josh is probably going to have a sad thanksgiving, but we got hooked up! like the nicest buffet in India probably... turkey mashed potatoes and everything. loved it. have a great day, i’m just fine so don’t worry about me, love you guys.
your son- elder tuscano


nicky said...

Hi! My boyfriend is in Rajahmundry India serving in the same mission. He sent a letter this morning to tell us he is ok. Maybe some day they will meet, he is elder cunninham. I just started making him a blog just like yours b/c i like it so much. I was wondering how you were able to left align the description at the top and also how you were able to get the countdown clock on and the time in india. I'm new to this blogging stuff. Well hope you missionary is doing well and have a happy thanksgiving!

the Tuscano family said...

nicky - we're flattered that you like the blog site we set up for our son. how did you find it? it appears that you may have answered some of the questions you asked of us. If you have other questions, please use the email link at the top of the page.

Nuttygirl said...

I'm glad Josh is okay. We were thinking of him when we heard about the attacks and wondering how that is affecting his mission. I have never heard about missions in India so it is interesting reading how the church operates there. The site is great! - Megan (Carole's daughter)