Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Arrival letters from Bangalore!

hey family-
How are you?! I am just sitting here at a computer in the office in Bangalore. We got here last night at about 1:30am local time. The trip was very long... too much time on the airplane if you ask me. India is incredible. There are so many people here and the streets are crazy! I'm glad we don't get to drive because I don't think I'd be able to go for very long before getting hit by someone -- it's crazy! We have interviews with President Nichols today and tommorow morning and we'll get assigned to our areas. I am kind of hoping that I go to Chennai at first (note from family: Chennai is where Usha is from). They say its the hardest area, but, whatever. So, if you send me a package make sure to keep it blank (don't put any writing on it or really indicate what is in it). Send it to the mission office and keep it under 4 lbs. I gotta go, so, love you, and talk to you next week.
-elder tuscano

(letter from President Nichols)
Elder Tuscano arrived safe and sound in Bangalore early this morning. We picked up he and his companions and brought them into Bangalore. They got to bed about 4:00 AM. We then had them come over to the Mission Home where Sister Nichols fed them a great breakfast. We then gave all the elders an orientation. Then we took this photo of Sister Nichols and I and your son. This afternoon we brought them all into the Mission Office and covered a number of items with each elder. I then had a wonderful interview with your son.

I will meet with him again tomorrow morning and give him his first assignment. He will be assigned to the Hyderabad II Branch, in Hyderabad, India which is about 500 miles north of Bangalore. His companion will be Elder Siyyadri an outstanding young man that I trust very much. He is a local elder from Visakhapatnam. Your son will be in good hands.

Hyderabad is a great place and the city where the church is probably the strongest. He will do well there.

Elder Tuscano seems to be doing well and adjusting though he is still suffering some from lack of sleep and jet lag. Thank you for sending us your wonderful son.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.
President Melvin R. Nichols

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