Wednesday, November 5, 2008

another MTC email

Today we received from Josh what may be the last email before he leaves for India on November 10. He described a typical day at the MTC (below is the excerpt from his email).

My companion and I wake up just before 6:00am so that we can exercise before we have to go. Every day is a little different, but most of the time we have gym, first thing - that starts at 6:35. It is about an hour long. Since it's so early, it's usually dark and cold; therefore, I can't go outside to play soccer, which is what I would really want to do. Instead, I just play basketball, there are some chill kids that are pretty good so the games are fun. My companion plays four square. After gym, we shower and go to breakfast which is at 8:15. It lasts till about 9:00, then we go straight to class, which is where we stay till lunch at 1:00pm! ha, but it's not too bad... sometimes we have teaching appointments and the spirit is very strong so its not like i'm sitting in class counting the bricks on the wall or anything. Lunch lasts till around 2:00, and depending on the day, we either have a large group meeting, which is just instruction with a bunch of missionaries about different things pertaining to missionary work of course, or we go back to the classroom and have personal and companionship study. Then we have MDT, which is missionary directed time. During this time we decide what we want to do. You can study more, set up appointments in the T.R.C. or the T.E., but usually my companion and I walk around outside and teach lessons to elders and sisters. I taught an elder with the last name Hurst this past week! He is from slc and thinks he is distantly related to bryson. That made me excited. Also, during the afternoon, brother petersen will come in on most days to help us practice different aspects of teaching. He is so good. The best thing about him, is that he will tell you directly and specifically what you need to improve. I love that! So, because he comes in, we usually have our MDT time cut into alot more than the other missionaries, but that is fine with me. At 6:00pm we have dinner. After dinner, we will usually go to the RC which is the refferal center. It's where you call when you get pass along cards, so we get to talk to real people and share our testimonies with them. It's a very cool experience. Some nights we have class after dinner which lasts till 9:00. Then we stay in class till 9:30 and plan. We then go to the residence and get ready for bed, quiet time starts at 10:15 and this is when i write in my journal. i have been so good at writing in my journal lately. Also, we usually have to check people out of their rooms every night because we are ZL's.

...a day in the life of a missionary at the MTC.

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