Thursday, February 25, 2010

pictures on doors...

Dear Family,

Hello there! I hope that everyone is doing well this week. Things are really starting to heat up here in Visak. It is sunny all the time. The pollution is not as bad here so Elder Ward and I are getting a little tan. We went to the beach this morning and played football – it was a blast. Elder Evans is now in our district so we have a pretty tight district for the time being. Elder Ward, Elder Schmidt, Elder Evans, and myself-President hooked it up in Visak 1st branch.

This past week was fun. We met a cool family; I’ll share the experience. Last Thursday we had an appointment cancel in the early afternoon. It was real hot but we were able to generate some excitement and we went finding. After a few apartment buildings we met a lady who directed us to the top floor of her apartment building. There, posted on the door was the picture of Jesus Christ that you find on the first pages of the book of mormon! We were incredulous. I proceeded to peel back the picture and found the Joseph Smith portrait on the back. By this time the daughters had come out and we began to ask them where they got the picture. They stated that a Hindu friend had given it to them months ago. They had no idea what it was, but they were very interested to find out. As we returned a few days later for the appointment we found that they were prepared. After teaching clearly about the book of mormon one of the daughters expressed her gratitude. She said that for months she had looked at that book on her shelf and just wondered what it was. She was so happy to know that God would tell her if this book was true. The Mom and Dad are good. We will see their intent within the next week or two. But we both felt that it was a cool experience. I can’t find words to describe the excitement we had in seeing that picture on their door. After seeing 100,000 doors with Ganesh photos on them, it’s impossible to look at that picture on a door and not be filled with happiness!

Elder Ward and I are excited for another transfer together. We hope that we are able to really get Visak going. Other than transfers there is not too much that happened this past week. So that’s about all for now. Everything else is going well. I am learning so much about the gospel and leadership as well. I am so happy to be here and I am thankful for your prayers. They certainly carry me. I love you all have a good week.

Elder Tuscano

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