Wednesday, February 10, 2010

02 FEB 10 letter

Dear Family,

This past week was fun; we had a lot of success and are seeing a lot of people make incredible changes in their lives. The foremost this week is Deepthi. She is finally ready for baptism. She has overcome a million obstacles over the past few months. I will be sure to tell you all the details at a later time, but she really overcame just about every kind of problem. Family, Job, and any other trial you could imagine. She is so excited for baptism, and with so many problems in her life right now she understands that this is the best thing to do. Her faith and courage have been and always will be an inspiration to me. I know things will turn out OK for her, and that God has got a great plan for her.

This past Sunday was a great experience. Elder Ward and I were able to give talks. Church started about 30 minutes late because someone forgot to bring the bread for the sacrament. But we were eventually able to give our talks but I don’t think they were received well. Throughout the day we asked people if they enjoyed the talks and they all said yes. Then we would ask if they remembered what we talked about, and each time, without fail, the response was a blank stare! Elder Ward spoke about Enduring to End and I spoke about Covenants.
Yesterday was also a funny day. I was able to do some baptism interviews. Two kids, they are brother and sister and I think cousins of a member family. Anyway the girl, who is about 16, was so nervous for her interview. She studied in a telegu medium school and her English is not so much. She was so funny; there was one point in the interview where she was so frustrated with me because I was not reading the baptism interview questions word for word. She had prepared to answer those questions exactly and couldn’t answer the others! Anyway she is really good and the Elders did a great job preparing her for baptism, it was just a hilarious situation.

The weeks are really flying by, I can’t believe that it’s February. I was thinking the other day about coming home. I realized that once I come back that’s it. There is no more mission in India. It made me sad and strengthened my resolve to give everything while I still can. There really is no reason for me to think about things at home and how great it will be to be back in Utah again. Once I’m back, I’m back for good. But my days in India are numbered and I want to get more out of them. I am so grateful for this, my opportunity to serve the Lord full time. I love you all and hope you have a good week!

Elder Tuscano

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