Monday, October 19, 2009

13 OCT 09 letter

Dear Family,

Sri Devi (Sri Raj's sister) was baptized this past week. She was so happy and it was a good baptism. Sri Raj did not perform this one. I had to do it, but she was a little scared of the water. So I made sure to be slow and careful. Everything went fine. We had her baptism service between sessions of conference on sunday.

Before conference began on sunday we had a live broadcast from Bangalore in which, President Nichols formally organized the 3 new districts here. Chennai, Visak, and Coimbatore. It was cool to see that happen, I don’t think I will be here to see the temple built, but the work we are doing right now is certainly laying the foundation for it. I feel privileged to be a part of it.

Sherman is doing so well. It is so amazing to see how the gospel is changing his life. Apparently his Mom had been just his best friend, and when she died it was very difficult for him. Only ten days after the tragedy he happens to meet the Elders and hear about the plan of salvation. What's more, he is absorbing all of the doctrine that we teach. His desire to know and do what is right is an inspiration. Sunday night we met him and he took us over to his in-laws house. We didn't ask him for the referral, he just took us there. And it was because he truly values the gospel and what it does for him. He wanted his friends and family to feel the same.

Now, his situation may be somewhat extreme. But his desire and zeal to share the gospel is pure. I think each one of us can learn from that. We should share the gospel out of love. Simply because we understand how greatly it has blessed or changed our lives. Then with that understanding, the next logical step would be to share that knowledge with the people we love.

Conference was incredible. Yes I did love Elder Holland's talk. I also loved Henry B. Eyring and the talk he gave in the priesthood session. I decided that he was my role model. But I think one of my favorites was given in the sunday afternoon session by Dale G. Renlund of the seventy. He spoke about how the natural man wants to reject a heart that is changed through repentance. He suggested things we could do to remain zealous in following God. I loved his talk.

Everything else is going well. Transfer calls came on sunday, but I am staying here with Elder Gantyada. Also the only two sister missionaries in the mission are coming into my district. We only have them for like 3 months, but they should be good for us. Hope all is well back home.

Love you!
Elder Tuscano

p.s. - I loved conference so much. I remember when I was young and I was very against watching all the sessions. I am sorry for that. But I am grateful that you and Mom made me do it. You set a pattern that I will never forget. Even though I resented it at the time, you had patience and vision. You probably knew that one day I would be sending you this e-mail saying something like this. What a stroke of parenting genius from you and Mom.

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