Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh!

Dear Family,

This past week was great. We have some amazing people we are working with. We had small birthday party for me at Priya's house last night. She set up decorations, her mom made Biriyani and we had big cake!

Cool story about Priya's family. I guess 3 weeks ago in Relief Society they had a lesson on temple and family history work. That family had just been baptized, so we hadn't taught them temples yet. It was the first time they heard about it. That night, Priya had a dream and her great-grandmother came to her. She informed her that she and about ten other relations of hers were waiting for them to do their temple work. Apparently in the dream her grandma gave the names and photos of the ten people, but Priya couldn't remember all of them. Anyway, we plan to get as much detail as possible and I will probably send the information to Grandma. I am beginning to understand why that family needed to be baptized. I think it was for many reasons, but this is surely one of them.

My companion is so great. I am learning so much from him, but especially humility. His desire is so sincere. He has great faith. Because of his example I am learning to put even greater trust in the scriptures and the basic principles of the gospel. I was coming to the point with some people where I believed nothing could help. My companion is helping me to see that in all situations Faith in Jesus Christ works. It’s such a simple principle, but really so powerful. He is good.

Elder Tuscano

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