Wednesday, September 30, 2009

22 SEP 09 letter

Dear Family,

This past week was incredible. We were able to baptize Madhu on sunday. He was so excited. I was sad that Elder Schmidt was not able to be here for it, but I will send him pictures. I think he will be surprised. The baptism was good; it had to happen twice though. He was very nervous about going under the water. After I finished the prayer I was trying to be cautious and careful. I attempted to slowly lower him into the water, but that was not his plan. He just plummeted down; it was so fast I almost lost him. The second time was much smoother though, so I was grateful for that. He called us that night and couldn't stop telling us how happy he was.

Sri Devi is Sri Raj's sister; I think I have spoke about her. She is doing so well. At first I felt that she was not interested, but we made a goal to get her to church. When she came she got awesome fellowship. Also she has been reading the book of mormon daily and saying her prayers. We asked her to pray and sincerely ask God about the book of mormon. She did. And she got her answer; the happiness that has suddenly entered into her life could not be attributed to any other source. Needless to say her level of interest is up. Also they have another brother who wants to get baptized. He came to church on sunday. I think he will be good.

I am blown away by the changes occur in the lives of the people we work with.

We had a sweet zone conference yesterday. It was about "My Purpose" and I learned so much. President helped us to understand truly what our purpose is. I don't know any other mission presidents, but I am so glad that we have President Nichols. His understanding of his purpose is so apparent. He knows we are here to do more than simply baptize people. I am so grateful for the leadership and guidance of an inspired mission president. There are 3 new districts being created here: Visak, Coimbatore, and CHENNAI! That is sweet news

Elder Tuscano

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